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In a career as Merchant Navy, an individual is employed by commercial shipping companies to oversee the transportation of goods across continents and countries. Do you like the sea or do you wish to travel to places on a ship? You can do it as part of your job by becoming a Merchant Navy. A country like India which is peninsular in nature has several seaports and a lot of indigenous product is exported to other countries through waterways.

Therefore, a career as a Merchant Navy officer along with his or her crew makes it possible to take goods from one place to the other. An Individual who opts for a career in Merchant Navy can work as a deck officer, engineer, and ratings. All three have different roles in ensuring that the cargo is transported safely from one place to another. Students who are willing to pursue B. Tech in Marine Engineering, B.Tech in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering to prepare themselves for merchant navy jobs after 12th.

In this article, we will discuss how to become a Merchant Navy, Merchant Navy eligibility, how to become a merchant navy officer after 10th, Merchant Navy salary in India and how to become a merchant navy officer after 12th commerce.


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Merchant Navy Description

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Antica Maritime Private Limited has been launched to provide a complete range of innovative maritime training and education for all grades of Nautical Qualifications from Crew to a Master Mariner/Chief Engineer, qualified to command the most sophisticated ships around the world.

Merchant Navy Salary


How to Join Merchant Navy Overview

The merchant navy is a specialized industry wholly dedicated to commerce activities such as freight and passenger transportation over marine routes. The Merchant Navy, sometimes known as “Antica Maritime,” is an important element of the worldwide distribution industry and an important part of any country’s economy. It is one of the most popular courses after engineering due to its great wage package and unique employment options. Because the majority of the world’s economic transactions take place on the ocean, the naval forces sector has a strong global image.

What is the Merchant Navy?

A merchant naval officer’s job includes traveling across the world, handling cargo, inspecting ship direction, maintaining the ship, cleaning the boats, learning about different cultures, and so on. It is thrilling for people who are interested in traveling or have been bitten by the travel bug. They must make a huge sacrifice by not seeing their family for an extended period of time. Their work time is around 6-7 months, followed by a continuous holiday of 4-5 months. The best aspect of this position is that it is tax-free. Because you must dwell outside of India for at least six months, you will be granted NRI status.