About Us

ANTICA MARITIME PRIVATE LIMITED provides all your needs around the Sea World & the Certificate approved By D.G. Shipping (Govt. Of India) company in India . We provide Officers, Engineers, Management ,Cadet, TME and All types of Crewing services for Main fleet as well Offshore fleet & Onshore for various types of vessels {Bulk Carriers, Containers, General Cargo, Oil Tankers, LPG, LNG, Chemical Tankers, RO-RO, Supply, Tugs, Barges, Crew Boats, Passengers Ships} readily available upon request who are best known in the maritime industry for their professionalism, efficiency and reliability.

Our Young Dynamic Managing Director MR. Sandeep Dubey in shipping industries since 2009 & also a merchant Navy officer, we have pioneered many of the crewing, safety, and technical standards. we dedicated hard work and the company management and staff are fully qualified, very well experienced and having strong background and knowledge in shipping. We have more then 25,000/ Indian Seafarers our database, which is being enlarged day by day.

Antica Maritime Pvt. Ltd

Certificate Approved By D.G. Shipping Govt. Of. India.

Antica Maritime Pvt. Ltd

ISO 9001: 2015 & MLC Complaint Company

Objective of the Company

  • The Company’s main goal is to start and run a business resembling that of the shipping sector. Ship manning & crew management / flag state documentation / seaman training / chartering & booking services / repair & maintenance / ship agency / crew documentation.
  • The business sincerely thinks that its moral and ethical ideals will support its expansion.
  • We promise to always provide you with timely and efficient service, and we promise that the organisation will work hard to find qualified people to fill your open positions.


Our Goal